Friday, August 19, 2016

A Study Of Over 20,000 Neck Adjustments Reveal...

A Study of over 20,000 Neck Adjustments Reveal...
Data was collected from patients after researchers set out to identify symptoms that could predict whether patients would feel "better" or "worse" immediately following neck adjustments. Patients in this study presented symptoms such as: reduced neck/shoulder/arm movement, neck pain/ shoulder pain/ arm pain/ headache, upper/mid-back pain.

Researchers determind that 95% of patients with the symptoms were immediately improved following a neck adjustment!

Pain is usually the first symptom to appear. Whether you suffering from headaches, shoulder, neck pain, or leg pain---complete healing takes time.

Tissues that do not fully heal and joints that do not move properly are prone to re-injury.

Chiropractic natural health newsletter Vol. 28, Isuue 8
08/01/2016 Freed Chiropractic Clinic, Ally Wilson

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