Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why is pain shooting down from my back to my legs?

Why is pain shooting down from my back to my legs?
The most common reason the pain or numbness or tingling will be shooting down your leg from your back is that you are having a disc problem in your lower back. Disc problems such as, disc bulges, inflammation, disc herniation's, disc extrusions are all very painful. A disc problem can take awhile to heal. Good news is that whether you choose Chiropractic care or surgery, the healing process will take about the same time with possibly the same results. So instead of the extra pain, give chiropractic a try.

You can also have tight muscles that compress or entrap nerves. This can happen with your hip flexors or even your hamstrings. As muscles start to bunch up and the muscle fibers adhere together forming scar tissue it then starts to wrap up the nerve fibers and create additional compression on your nerves. A chiropractor can diagnose and help to relieve the entrapped nerves.

If you are having an episode of this, get an ice pack out of the freezer and call us. We will be able to diagnose your problem correctly.
Any back problem that is extending into your leg, is not going to go away over night. You will need regular and frequent care to feel better for the long term.

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